As I land on the first layer of the Pedestals, I rest my wings. I have returned here as God has summoned me to the Pools of Reflection above the third layer of the Pedestals. As I pass through towards the second layer the mortals who reside here bow their heads in respect but I … Continue reading Wingless


My Little Row Boat.

I sit up from my lying position. Gripping the side of my little row boat I look out at the endless seas. Sunless skies above the sunless seas, the black soup below the grey void above. Bobbing endless to the melancholy melody the waves enforce. Nothing to do. I lost a paddle long ago losing … Continue reading My Little Row Boat.


Why was I all alone? Must be the way I smile at the imps. Though perhaps it could be my false tooth, split hair and the large dose of ketamine running through my bloodstream - nonetheless I felt stronger in my heart and arms than ever. Though where I am now ketamine seems to be the only company I need. My tranquilized stallion heart was beating rhythmically to three body sized wooden drums, and I could see ahead of my companion. Not human but an old devil whose name I havn’t heard..................... Click to read more.