– Manual of Hands and Feet

“SHIVERING ARROW I found a lanky and rather weathered peregrine knight who was a master of this style and followed him for several days on his journey. We soon reached a kingdom in terrible repair, passing many burned out houses and hovels. My companion informed me it was ruled by a tyrant, who would levy … Continue reading – Manual of Hands and Feet


As I land on the first layer of the Pedestals, I rest my wings. I have returned here as God has summoned me to the Pools of Reflection above the third layer of the Pedestals. As I pass through towards the second layer the mortals who reside here bow their heads in respect but I … Continue reading Wingless


Why was I all alone? Must be the way I smile at the imps. Though perhaps it could be my false tooth, split hair and the large dose of ketamine running through my bloodstream - nonetheless I felt stronger in my heart and arms than ever. Though where I am now ketamine seems to be the only company I need. My tranquilized stallion heart was beating rhythmically to three body sized wooden drums, and I could see ahead of my companion. Not human but an old devil whose name I havn’t heard..................... Click to read more.