As I land on the first layer of the Pedestals, I rest my wings. I have returned here as God has summoned me to the Pools of Reflection above the third layer of the Pedestals. As I pass through towards the second layer the mortals who reside here bow their heads in respect but I wave them away. I can not accept the reverence they give me this time. The stairs that lead to the second layer are humbling and a familiar sight. I turn and face the perceivable universe below in all its glory, its might and its peace. I breath in the sight taking it deep into my soul rejuvenating my physical substance. I now must face my ancestral home on the second layer of the Pedestals, to face my brothers including Michael. He shall not be humoured by my presence here but he cannot question Gods will, it is not within him.

I rise to the second layer, yet it is quiet here. Many of my brothers must have flown as I had, to indulge themselves with there own might. Only the Seven remain. Siting quietly on the edge of the pedestal they watch out into the beyond. Raphael is the first to stand and meet me. He extends his open palm to me which I take. “It is good to see you once again brother” He sings to me. “I am sorry Raphael” I reply. His presence washes me in calm as my muscles relax before swelling back to there true form. “It might be best you carry on, though please come back down to us after, if you can” He sings. I nod as I bow and he takes his hand from mine.

Reaching the third layer of the Incorporeal’s domain, Death is standing at the top of the stairs. Removing his blackened hood to reveal his sunken eyes, he extends his spindly hand out for me to take it. “Take my hand and I shall guide you” I look at his open hand for a long while, the blackness filling up inside me, consuming me. “How rude” the Fool shouts across the Pedestal. “Take his hand you buffoon, do you wish to stay in that miserable state you find yourself in?” the Fool jeers again. My soul darkens not to black but to nothingness, the void consuming me from within. Time begins to slow as an eternity plays out before me. Everything begins to wind to a halt.

“Leave him alone, both of you! Death let him lose!” the High Priestess shouts from her thrown. “As you command” Death slithers, as he slinks his hand away. I step forward leaving my shadow behind as the High Priestess waves the Shekhinah over me. I continue across and out before the others get a chance at me. Though I must now climb the Tower before I reach the Pools of Reflection. As I pass off the third layer of the Pedestals I step out onto the black water at the base of the Tower. I stretch out my wings and take flight over the water. I run my hand in the soup as I go, destroying the grey reflection below me. I come to the base of the Tower landing on the stone base above the waters. Looking up it stretches out infinitely above and below. Looking down into the water I no longer see my reflection, as I stare at the tower stretching below me. I launch myself into the air flapping my wings before I allow myself to plummet towards the water.

Falling I hit the water and it shatters like glass as I pass through into its depths. As I swim to the surface and pull myself up to the base of the tower, the sky is now blue and the air is warm. A red door on the side of the tower creaks open and I head for it. Passing through I arrive at the Pools of Reflection. I stand in an inch of water that stretches in all directions. The soft clouds in the sky drift calmly as they reflect off the surface in all directions. I hear the sounds of splashing to my left and I look to see a toad jumping towards me. The ripples disturb the perfect reflection of the sky above. Bellow the toad, its reflection shows a black cat. “I did not think to see you here Baal” I say. I blink and before me is a man with a hooked nose wearing an imperial crown. “Nor I to see you” Baal replies, “But what is to happen next shall be fun I think” He says laughing with joy. “Come”

We walk through the water for many an eon. In silence mostly. Slowly after being here for some time the ripples begin to bounce back towards us. I turn and follow the direction where they are coming from. Ahead of us is a marble platform raised slightly above the waters edge. The ripples caused from us walking gently lap against its side but do not go over. I pace around it before stepping upon it. As I step on it the water from my foot drips down onto the marble. I watch as the marble ripples as the water drips onto it. It vibrates so loudly that my body shakes and my wings fall off. Losing balance I tumble forward into the marble. Crashing into my own reflection and the marble everything begins to tear apart.

I awake alone.

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