Field of Pumpkin

“Woah there!”

I stop my step, holding my foot aloft in the air. Looking under my foot is a pumpkin, still connected to the vine. It spins in it’s spot, turning to reveal a carved face. The mouth doesn’t move but a voice lifts out of the void “Nearly stepped on me there Jack!”.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you where down there.” I say as politely as I can. It nods its pumpkin head, “Apology accepted, just watch where your going next time, ey Jack?”. I nod in reply. “Hey, what you out here for anyway?” The voice echoes out. “This field is for pumpkin, not for you, Jack.” I step over the pumpkin casting my eyes to the field across. “Ahead is a man in a straw hat. That is the man I came here to see.” I say. “Lift me up so I can see” it asks. I reach down and pluck the pumpkin from its place, holding him up so he can see. “Hmm” the pumpkin ponders “Whats your problem with this straw hat man, ey Jack?”. “I don’t know yet, I am just here to confront him.” I say. “I am here of my own volition but my Liege wants answers”. “Well lets go speak to him, ey Jack?”.

“I am going to put you down for a moment” I say to the pumpkin. Kneeling onto one knee I place the pumpkin facing me and go into my bag. “What you looking for, ey Jack?”. I pull out my Holy Book and my flintlock pistol. Placing a red cloth on the ground before opening the book, The Pillars of the High Priestess, I turn to the Black Pillar. “What are you up to Jack?”. I read out loud a sacred prayer as I load the pistol. The smell of sulfur fills the air. I close the book and place it at my hip attached to my belt. Picking up the pumpkin with one hand I hold the pistol and the cloth in the other. “I don’t know who you are Jack.”

Walking across the field the pumpkin is silent. As the man watches me stride towards him he does not move. His fists are clenched, but in fear not anger. I stop ten paces away from him. “Your Liege has sent me, I answer your summons. What is it that I am here for, Sir?”. The straw hat man stays silent. I wait a moment before asking. “I have been sent to establish contact with you, what is it that this is all about?”. Again the man stays silent. “If you do not tell me what it is that I am here for then I can take no action.”. I shoot the pistol into the air. The mans eyes open to finally meet my gaze. Then he speaks “If you do not know what has been digressed, then why have you come? I will not take you or your lords disrespect anymore, do not look for me and do not confront me if we cross paths.”

The straw hat man turns and walks away. I stand and ponder what to do next, yet I stand in place for a while too long. “I think that’s about enough, ey Jack?”

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