Dreams Entry II


The way I have written these entries are rushed and without any corrections. This is on purpose as I am trying not to add any elements into the dream that weren’t there. To me these words evoke vivid images but too you it might be a jumbled mess.



Thursday 5th October 2017


It starts with me loading up an old Minecraft save file that I haven’t played in years. I enter the world and start flying around looking at the old simple buildings that where made long ago. There is a cliff with an elevator that I take to to the top and I look over the beach with a small house and dock. When I turn around there is a full luscious farm growing with moving robotic parts watering everything. At this point it is only half Minecraft style half reality. As I walk down the hill that the garden is on I notice someone at the back of the farm woking away. I call out to them and they look up from the plants at me with a smile. I ask how they got here which the reply was that they didn’t know. I asked how long they had been here for and they replied “Only two days.” At this point I realise that this could be some form of AI that has grown in this old save file and it has been in here for years making this garden. I wave the AI goodbye and walk out the back of the garden into the forest. The trees are very tall maybe 30 feet before the canopy even begins. I look back to the garden and its beginning to turn night. As I look back into the woods it has gotten really dark under the trees. Luckily there are a bunch of floating lanterns that are attached to strings that I begin to pull around to spread there light around. Weird spectral forms begin flying around out from the woods and I use the lanterns to deflect them and turn them back.

I am now in a plane that my Aunty and Mum are flying. We are flying around a giant victorian style hotel that is in the middle of no where. We begin to fly around it for a while until the plane begins to fall. The plane starts spiralling down and as we fall we begin clipping into sky scrapers. Its like when you get inside of a texture in a video game but we are clipping through buildings. We franticly start yelling to pull the plane back up but there is no hope. The plane crashes and it falls to pieces.

We are now standing in the foyer of the massive hotel we were flying around. There are rumours around that there is some kind of murder who has been killing people in this hotel. The scale of the hotel is massive and there are points where you can look up in the hotel and see other floors and there are so many that it seems endless. Mum reveals that last time she was at this hotel she only just escaped death after the murderer stabbed her in her sleep and that he will probably be after her again. This enrages me to the point where I begin plotting the murder of the murderer. When we are in our hotel room I wait for him all night. I have a large kitchen knife and I lay in wait next to my Mums bed. After a long while everyone wakes up and decides to go out the back door of the room.

We are in some bushland area that has a large black submarine shaped object pushed into one hill. It is made of the hard plastic that garbage bins are made of. As I begin to look around the foggy morning landscape there begins to be shapes appearing in the fog. Down the road that is past the fence, there is a hoard of zombies beginning to shamble in our direction. I quickly try to get my Mum up onto this black silo. There are two sets of hand holds and I begin to climb so I can help pull mum up. Once we are up I look to my right and the zombies are beginning to crash through the fence and head our way. Too our left there is another crowd of people all in yellow rain coats. The zombies begin to rush towards them and the two groups start to fight. There is a hill now and for some reason too our right the road curves up to the hight of the silo. Some of the rain-coat people head up towards us. I jump the fence and stand my ground. As they approach they seem a lot smaller than from a distance. I go to kick one in the balls and as my foot connects he looks up at me and it is a small child. I turn back to see them all getting attacked by the zombies and frantically fleeing. I see a group of zombies attacking something that has fallen. I see my Mum waving for help. I can only see her hand as she is behind the bump of the silo. I begin to yell to her to hold on and that I love her. As I rush through the chaos of the zombies I find her arm sticking out of a hole in the ground that she has fallen down. I reach down and pull her out.



Thursday October 12 2017

I don’t have time two write it down yet, so some notes to trigger the memory. Farm was two lots with the shed at the back. Foot pedal trike helicopter. Tai Wah across the road. Pete Newman owned the farm. I am now writing this up on the 13th so the memories are a day old. I am going to describe the events I can remember but the shifts in-between worlds I can’t recall as well or why it happened.


At first I am playing in the trees on the edge of a field. I see my Dad with my younger cousin Ty and he is taking a tricycle contraption out of the shed. It has a long pole sticking up out the back of it with a small propeller. I watch my cousin start to ride the bike and he begins to take off. He is about 10 meters off the ground flying around. Due the the long pole the trike swings through the air. When it turns it, it turns around the top of the pole causing the swinging motion. I climb the fence to the field and walk under the bike. Ty sees me and waves from above. He lands a short distance away from me and I run over to him. When I get to him he shows my how it works. All you have to do is pedal and it should take off. I tell him it sounds simple and begin to pedal. I look down to my feet and the ground begins to leave from under me. I begin to glide around and look down to see Ty and my Dad look up towards me. in this moment of distraction I feel the bike lurch down and see that the pole out the back has come lose. I grab it with my bare hand and try and hold on. It comes apart from the back of the trike as I hold on and try to land.


The next day I walk out from Tai Wah across the road to the field again. The first thing I notice is that the field has been split into two fields. The shed has also been moved and this worries me. I begin to run to find out what has happened. As I look over I see Pete Newman working in the second field. When I look back to the shed there is a second shed next to it as well. They are behind a massive fence, made of wire. I turn to look around and the whole field now has been surrounded with the massive fence. The fence towers above for about 50 meters. On top of the fence are pylons. They look like the giant power line towers and they also have wires connecting them.

This isn’t when I wake but the rest of the dream is kind of fuzzy now and it hard to get back. I think I go back to Tai Wah through a gate and some things happen there but I return to the field at the end before I wake up.




Friday October 13th 2017

Today is the final episode for a D&D show that has been going for almost 2 years. This is what brought on this dream, but it transitions right before I woke up.


I starts in a large city scape, like in a super hero film where the camera is angled low and you can see all the buildings around. I am with a group of D&D character who are preparing for a fight. They are talking about what to do and fear sets in. Some of the characters take off and fly away. I try to follow but can’t.

The next thing I know I gliding above the city in a way that I don’t have control over. I am falling in a way that it feels like I am sliding across the city. The sun is hanging low in the sky and everything has a summer glow. The colours calm me and I realise I am hanging out of a helicopter holding onto the rail looking down across the city. Other people are in the helicopter with me and I see Talison. The are the actors that play the D&D characters. Some of them are sad others are happy and in shock. I get the feeling that it didn’t go as to plan but it was still something that they all enjoyed. The helicopter lands on a square hill in a park in the city. Everyone jumps out and I say goodbye to a few of them and wish other well for the future. As I walk and talk with two of them they begin to run away from me. I chase them through the park until they stop at a drink fountain at the top of another grassy hill. As I stand and look around the park there are winding foot paths that go in all directions. I see in the distance my car is parked under a tree. I reach into my pocket to find my car keys and try unlock the car. It unlocks and is defiantly my car. As I just think about going over to my car I see Annalise climb into the back seat of the car. I get the idea in my head that she wants a lift and I am fine with that. Then more people climb into the car. Some I recognise but others I don’t. Its about another five people trying to get into the back seat. I turn to offer Matt and Marisha a lift but they say its a nice night and leave.

As I turn to begin walking over to the car Annalise steps out from beside me and starts talking to me. She looks disheveled and seems not with reality. I look back to the car and see the first Annalise in the car still. I talk with this second Annalise for a while keeping and eye on my car.

Unfortunately I can’t recall what we talked about, it seemed as if her mouth moved but nothing came out. It was a while in dream time though, so it seems that we had a lasting conversation.

After some time I left this bizarre second Annalise and left her to rave and walked over to the car. This is where I spoke to the first Annalise where she told me about some party that was happening nearby and she thought that I should come. The conversation happened under the tree in the car park and I agree but say I never had a drink from the fountain. As I turn around the landscape has stayed similar rolling hills with winding paths and trees but it has all shifted and changed behind me. There is a path the come close to where we are and I walk over too it.

The path runs through a hill and there is a small tunnel maybe 5 meters deep before it come out the other side and the path continues behind another hill. Inside the tunnel stands Liam L, Liam R, KC and Pat. I don’t know what they are doing inhere but they are out of the glare of the sun and the temperature feel cooler here. As I notice this, a breeze begins to flow through the tunnel as well. I can actually see the breeze with my own eyes and see it follow the paths. I tell the group that there is a party nearby if they want to come. I was about to offer them a lift but they all have bikes so I quickly stop myself. Liam L come over too me. He is taller than in real life as he puts an arm around my shoulder and we walk back out the tunnel. As he lets go of me the tunnel opens up and again the park has shifted. This time there is a small rock wall to the left where there wasn’t one before. It is only a meter high and I climb up it to get back to the car.


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