Voluspa Alt

It is told that the first portals opened to Freya’s domain,

The Druids were consulted and it was agreed that they should be the first to enter.

They stepped into a land where the sun is ever shining yet the moon never sets.

But the Druids weren’t welcomed, instead, they saw witness to a mighty battle

In Freya’s vast fields of golden wheat, blood had been spilled

Valkyrie lay slain along side the chosen warriors of Valhalla

Their corpses being devoured by Troll, Orc and Giant

Yet Thor stood alone with his hammer, killing daemon uncountable

Looming on the horizon the giant wolf Skoll had turned his hunger towards the field of slain.

Seeing this the Druids sent word and warriors came to aid the protector of man.

Battle raged for two moons as Dwarf and Elf came to the field after losing their own realms

Thor wrestled with Skoll for four days while battle raged under foot

Finally the Dwarves and Elves found a way to use the energy of the portal to pierce Skolls heart

But in doing so it sealed the portal to the realm of Man, trapping the last of our warriors to their fate

On the other side, the realm of man has never been the same. When the portal was closed it exploded with a blast that brought magic to the hands of Man. The few Dwarves and Elves that where here on Midgard, themselves became trapped. Many people prayed to the gods to return to Midgard and allow the Dwarves and Elves to return home. Not even a whisper was given in return. Man learnt to use their new found magical abilities while the Elves and Dwarves crafted runic weapons and passed this knowledge onto skilled smiths. Yet the gods didn’t answer and many started to become restless. In hopes to appease the Aesir our Norse Armies battled the Christians. For 800 years our people were set on a war path. Conquering everything east while the Christians took everything to the west. England was raised and scorched by the Lothbrok Sons.

Yet finally 871 years after the first portal opened another one appeared. This time our warriors were ready. They gathered at the portal to march to there fate. Yet the first scouts came back to say that there was nothing on the other side. No war, no battle not even a small scuffle. After three days the portal closed on its own.

It is now 17534 AP and our world is vastly different. The portals kept opening at random times and in different places each time. Sometimes a Ogre or a band of Orcs might come through to raid and pillage. Other times it could be a Dragon, as happened 14560 AP, or it could just be a Faery Dragon who drifts into our realms to cause no harm. Many people now work as monster hunters that catch or kill beasts that come through the portal for gold.

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