Campaign 1 Notes

This is just a dot point recount of a game of D&D that lasted for a year and a half. A lot has been left out due to the length of the game and not every detail is mentioned but these are the main points. Cast of Characters in Order of Appearance: Galen Corey Ulfgar … Continue reading Campaign 1 Notes


The Fool

The Fool


“Do you really think the sphere will respond to our call?” I asked.

His response was always the same despite my doubt. In fact, much like the rest of the people in the tribe, I was losing faith in the elder that once comforted us during the Arrival.

He speaks of visions of a great fire consuming the earth from the heavens.

Most of the children had grown in the sphere’s presence. They play and enjoy it’s shade in the afternoon heat. It has become an essential part of their lives. Something that was once a destructive force in our way of life had only just recently become a contributing factor in it.

“We should not fear that which we may never understand and that which doesn’t kill us like the wild dogs that steal our food every year thanks to your outlandish rituals”

He stands.

The old man moves…

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